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I am very satisfied with his products

I have been using vektor's services for almost 2 years now, and I am very satisfied with his products, I own a personal version, have tried his proxy service, social checker, sms reception and a few other services and it was excellent, everything worked. I Have been also getting regular updates with new functions everytime. When I had any issue, Dimitry himself solved it for me, very kind as always. 100% recommended

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Private user

It is a powerful tool for achieving your goals

I got acquainted with the antidetect from VektorT13 quite a long time ago, back in 2016. Even then, different versions of antidetects were popular on the market and for a long time I preferred the browser-based one, until it stopped coping with the tasks. In the end, I settled on antique from VektorT13, which I still use to this day. I’ll say right away that not everything went smoothly on this antique either, especially at first. But, thanks to the desire to understand, the patience of the developer (who patiently answered 100,500 of my questions, connected and showed various points on his fingers), for which I am VERY grateful to him - in the end I can say with confidence - this is the best tool I have ever worked with and it has no analogues. Until now, sometimes I come across posts from dissatisfied people for whom something is not working correctly or the antique did not live up to expectations. Well, from my experience, I want to say that antidetect is not a magic wand that will solve all your problems. But in skillful hands, it is a powerful tool for achieving your goals. It’s not for nothing that Dmitry regularly conducts webinars, records videos on the channel using anonymity, etc. All this together gives an understanding of the overall picture of how security and anonymity work. I also consider the expansion of the team a huge plus; with online support in case of questions, it has become easier and faster to work. It’s a pity that she wasn’t there at the beginning and sometimes you had to wait a week for your turn to get an answer to a question, but when additional questions arose during communication with Dmitry, she received comprehensive answers. I won’t write anything about those parts, everyone has their own tasks for which the antidetect is used, and it copes with mine with a bang. For beginners, I strongly recommend that you first use the free version, understand all the intricacies, take the time and carefully read the video materials on the VektorT13 YouTube channel, and only then buy a personal assembly (since I personally know people who went the wrong way: they bought the assembly without really understanding , but they didn’t buy how to work on it and the knowledge. Then they complained that nothing worked, etc.). On my own behalf, I wish the developer and the team further development and prosperity. Thanks for your hard work.

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Private user

It is one of the best antidetect that I have tried in a long time

I am very pleased and satisfied with my personal version of Vektor, for me it is one of the best antidetec that I have tried in a long time and also all the tools that I have in are incredible and help me for my work..... I have 3 years using it and I recommend using this service

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Private user

Vektor's anti-detect is for me number one among all other anti-detect browsers

I would like to express my gratitude to the Vektor project for providing such a product. Vektor's anti-detect is for me number one among all other anti-detect browsers; it helps perfectly in solving problems with anti-fraud on all platforms. I've been working on it for over a year and I'm happy with everything. Every update makes your work a lot easier. I recommend

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Private user

This is a unified solution for bypassing the detection of Top Anti-Fraud Systems

We have been working on the product from VektorT13 since 2018 in the areas of E-com, WebCam, Google, Betting. At its core, this is a unified solution for bypassing the detection of Top Anti-Fraud Systems. Which, in reality, is difficult to avoid without alternatives on the market. Once upon a time, having bought on the side for $1,400, I received a valuable investment in my future development in the direction I needed, in order to keep pace with the development of anti-fraud systems. I also wanted to emphasize the pedagogical qualities of VektorT13 and its partners. After all, Maestro Vektor is not just an Antifraud Archaeologist, Threadster, Sensei and Strategic Partner - it is a multifunctional machine.

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Private user

The most versatile and user-friendly virtualization tools

Antidetect by VektorT13 stands out as one of the most versatile and user-friendly virtualization tools available today. I’ve been using for 3 years, still a top-tier choice for anyone looking to multi-accounting.

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Private user

Everything was always quickly resolved either directly with Vektor or through his support

I have already known Vektor’s product for about 4 years, and throughout this time I have been using his product. During all this time, of course, I encountered difficulties, but in my case, everything was always quickly resolved either directly with Vektor or through his support, which promptly responds whenever possible (since I know that their workload is decent). For my purposes, the product is enough, and looking at the others, I understand that a lot depends on the client himself, whether he will delve into and study the area in which he works, which again Vektor places great emphasis on when he introduces everyone to this or that innovation, which is also an excellent fitback. I'm glad that there are people who are passionate about their product and give people something to work with)

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Private user

No anti-fraud, no cancellations or blocking.

I would like to thank product vektor for his product. I started listening to webinars since 2017, when there was a hackathon (I didn’t use it), then the project began to scale and the first antique appeared on the VM. I did the first setup within 4 days, but then I automatically remembered what to block and what to include in the exceptions. I was a regular user of the regular version. There were problems, there were leaks. But nevertheless he grew up to a personal computer. Initially there were problems there as well. But the project has developed and has now reached the level. Such a level that if you have the right approach to service, everything goes off without a hitch. No anti-fraud, no cancellations or blocking.
Also, more than $5k has already been spent on using vektor proxies. Here I would like to note that such quality and speed are rarely found on the market. Working in Germany, these proxies have always been distinguished by the highest speed and excellent cleanliness. I have long forgotten about all sorts of suites, etc.
Thanks to vektor and the team for such a high-quality product. I wish you further growth)

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Private user

Vektor is not only a software developer, but also an excellent lecturer, who is pleasant and interesting to listen to

I’ve been using antidetect for more than a year, I trade on eBay, at first there were difficulties with setting it up, but Vektor helped me figure it out, answered all my questions, the process is not quick, they rarely answered me, but it was worth it in the end :)
There are a lot of people in the community adequate guys, there is someone to talk to, this year I have had a lot of useful acquaintances, I communicate with many people from the chat, and work with some of them.
There are no complaints about the product, there are problems, there are no bans and restrictions anywhere, but they the percentage is small relative to the total number of accounts. Also, Vektor is not only a software developer, but also an excellent lecturer, who is pleasant and interesting to listen to; you can learn a lot of new and valuable information, which is not enough even in the English-speaking segment.

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Private user

It gives the opportunity to anonymize the processes and make them unique

Antik from Vektor made it possible to scale the work, at the same time it gives the opportunity to anonymize the processes and make them unique.


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In our blog, we talk about current methods of fraud protection, multi-accounting, and ways to stay anonymous online.


Dmitry Momot


He gained fame thanks to the development of an antidetect based on VirtualBox, which is even dismantled in some universities in the preparation of IT specialists.

Dmitry is known to ITsec market participants for analyzing and demonstrating the operation of anti-fraud systems, user uniqueization tools and digital fingerprints.

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