LTE or Residential Proxies: Which is the Better Choice?


LTE Vs Residential ProxiesIn the realm of internet anonymity and security, proxy servers play a pivotal role. They act as an intermediary between the user and web resources, changing the IP address and ensuring confidentiality.

However, among the variety of proxy types, LTE and residential proxies often come into the spotlight. Each type has its advantages, disadvantages, and unique features. Let's delve into which one would be the best fit for your needs.

LTE vs Residential Proxies: What's the Difference?

  • LTE Proxies use IP addresses provided by mobile operators. They offer a high degree of anonymity and mobility but may suffer from data transfer volume limitations.
  • Residential Proxies provide real IP addresses of individual users, making them less suspicious to web services. These proxies are considered more reliable though they may risk an increase in the "Fraud Score" due to actions of the real users of these addresses.

Fraud Score

When choosing a proxy, assessing the fraud score is crucial. This indicator reflects the likelihood that a particular IP address was used for dubious activities. The resource offers the opportunity to check proxies in professional databases for a fee, providing current information on the fraud score.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Residential proxies

  • Pros: legitimacy of IP; low probability of blocking; suitable for long-term use.
  • Cons: risk of increasing the fraud score; limited scalability; possibly limited speed.

LTE proxies

  • Pros: ideal for mobile tasks; high data transfer speed; low detection probability; dynamic IP change.
  • Cons: higher cost; limited choice of locations; risk of blocking if used improperly.

UDP Protocol for Proxies

Support for the UDP protocol is an important feature of proxies, as it ensures faster and more efficient data transmission compared to TCP. This is especially relevant for LTE proxies where data transfer speed is crucial.


Your needs determine the choice between LTE and residential proxies. LTE proxies offer mobility and dynamic IP change, making them an ideal choice for tasks requiring high anonymity, while residential proxies provide stability and a lower risk of blocking, thanks to the use of real IP addresses. For efficiency and security, choosing a reliable proxy provider is key.

If you're looking for premium Proxy services specifically designed to ensure high anonymity and security, our platform offers a wide variety of solutions. We provide proxy servers optimized for various tasks, including business scaling, data collection, and many others. Our goal is to offer the best LTE and residential proxies that will enable you to successfully accomplish your tasks.

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