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The report is generated from a query to several anti-fraud systems. This helps prevent blocking when working with popular online services.

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Fraud Score

Can be used

Report Example

Fraud Data

IP address source

Fraud Rating


Active Abuses in 48 hours

Detected as Proxy

Number of checks

Number of IP address checks in the last 60 days

Number of IP subnet checks in the last 60 days

IP address data






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Data obtained from the IPQS anti-fraud system

Used for automation

Abuse Velocity - risk of using IP in a web action automation scenario

VPN service

IP is part of a known VPN network

VPN connection

Active VPN connection established

TOR node

IP is part of a TOR exit node

TOR connection

Active TOR connection established

Used by a malicious actor

Incidents of abuse or suspicious activity detected

Used by bots

IP address is used by bots

Web crawler (search robot)

Googlebot, Bingbot, Yandex, Facebook, etc.

Other sources

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Data compiled from several anti-fraud system responses


IP belongs to a data center, including cloud providers

iCloud Private Relay

IP belongs to the iCloud Private Relay service (the real IP of the user is hidden)

Identity hiding

User identified as anonymous

Participates in attacks

DDOS, malware, botnet activity and others

Bogon (spoofing IP address)

IP addresses that are not routable on the Internet

Other blacklists (OSINT)

From open data sources

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